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Aristotle University

University of Macedonia

Technological Education Istitute

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Conference Programme Overview

 18-20 March 2004 Thessaloniki, Greece

Thursday 18 March

9:00 – 10:30

Registration (Aristotle University Old Building of School of Philosophy)


Conference Opening  (Aristotle University Old Building of School of Philosophy)

Welcome address:

Basil Manos, conference chair

Maro Vlachopoulou, program chair

Rector of University of Macedonia

President of Technological Institute of Thessaloniki

Representatives of invited officials


Rector of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

11:00 - 12:30

Plenary Session (Aristotle University Old Building of School of Philosophy)

Keynote Speakers

Professor Alexander Sideridis, Agricultural University of Athens, President of HAICTA, Greece, "ICT IN AGRICULTURE & ENVIRONMENT: RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN GREECE"


Professor Gerhard Schiefer, University of Bonn, Germany, "Electronic Trade Platforms for Food: Strategies, Developments and Sector Implications - An international perspective"


Professor George Beers, Wageningen University, Netherlands, "Consumer driven ICT in Agrifood Chains"


12:30 - 14:00

Lunch Break (Aristotle University)

14:00 - 15:00

Business exhibition (University of Macedonia)


Room A.

Room B.

Room C.

Room D.

15:00 - 16:40

Parallel Sessions 1.

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session



Decision Support Systems



M. Vlachopoulou

T. Gemptos

L. Iliadis

E. Gelb


22. Are Really the Grocery End- Users Ready to Place Orders via Internet?

C. Priporas, C. Theodoridis, I. Kamenidou


90. Internet-based greenhouse climate choice to grow greenhouse tomatoes

Tchamitchian M., Mercier S.


58. Evaluation of an agricultural web site

F. Patsioura, M. Vlachopoulou, V. Manthou


5. A prototype web site for public broadcast using DPSIR indicators Experiment on the Nestos delta, Greece.

A. Karakos, X. Skoulikaris, Th. Koutroumanidis

41. Multi-spectrum Global Illumination Computation For Greenhouse Applications

S. Vougioukas


55. Determination of Economic Damage Threshold of Weeds on Wheat in Mashhad  using Regression Equations

J. Gherekhloo, D. Mazaheri, A. Ghanbari, M. Ghannadha


72. Typology of the lagoons of northern Greece according to their environmental characteristics and fisheries production

G. Arabatzis, A. Kokkinakis


138.The Use Of The S-Band Weather Radar For Flood Protection In The Agricultural Area Of Thessaly

A. Baltas 

3. A Fuzzy Decision Support System for the restoration of Lake Koronia 

Panagiotis Tzionas, Irene A. Ioannidou and Stephanos Paraskevopoulos


32. A multiple-criteria decision model for selecting the optimum fertilization variant for the ‘Akane’ apple-tree cultivar

I. Armeanu, F. Stanica.


97. Ground water management by mathematical models

Ch. Babajimopoulos &  S. Kavalieratou          


135. Water Management Decision Support  Systems

S. Ntalagiorgos and A. Sideridis


40 Planning Considerations on the Development of Online Distance Learning Courses in Agriculture

Bousiou-Makridou D. Valasidou A.


23. Education, Training And Distance Learning: “Learning In The Information Society- Perspectives In The Sector Of Agriculture”

H. Fragkou


34. On the Implementation of New Teaching and Training Methods in Agricultural Education

R. Põldaru, J. Roots, R. Ruus


36. E-Learning in the work-places in the Rural Sector of northeastern Greece

H. Jahankhani, L. Iliadis, E. Pimenidis


16:40 - 17:00

Afternoon Break

17:00 - 19:00

Parallel Sessions 2.

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session

Business session

GIS/RS applications

Information Systems   

Internet Services & Architectures   



I. Gitas

M. Coelho

M. Salampasis

M. Papaeconomou A. Gertsis 


30. A “need” or a “must” for developing Governmental Agricultural GIS in Greece

Mavridis A., I. Ifadis, P. Savaidis


128. Hydrological and Ecological Modeling of a River Catchment Basin

G. Gotchev, R. Scherer, A. Hachikyan, M. Lazarova


60. Spatial models and multi- criteria queries for the analysis of geographic and soil data, using Geographic Information Systems

K. Douros,  G. Silleos, N. Karapetsas, E. Moutziki   H. Topaloglou


29. Biological Farming System: Management and Certification through GIS Models

Mavridis A., I. Ifadis, P. Savaidis

95. Enhancement of agro-industrial complex competitiveness through IT-based Information System in Transition Economies: case for Ukraine

S. Ivanov, A. Lyakh


127. Process of Implementation of Corporation Information System

I. Vrana


7 Human Resources Data Base Management Using Microsoft Visual C++ For Greek Forest Administration

Zacharoula. S. Andreopoulou, Sophia. E. Vassiliadou, Anastasios. K. Papastavrou


94. Testing of Variable Rate, GPS Guided Fertilizer Broadcasting Systems

M. Fadel

86. Web Services: Their Role in Supply Chain for SMEs

S. Pavlou, B. Karakostas


126. Ontologies based conceptualisation for semantic integration of agricultural applications

D. Tektonidis, M. Salampasis, C. Batzios


39. Intelligent Optimisation Agents in Food Supply Chain Management

Eleni Mangina,  Ilias P. Vlachos

1) Giberitis V.

V. Giurdas Pubhishing


2) Kefalas K.



3) Papaeconomou M.

Papaeconomou Agrochemicals


4) Kontos A.

Marathon Data


Friday 19

9:00 - 10:40

Parallel Sessions 3.

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session

Education  Training

Decision Support Systems

GIS/RS applications

ICT Adoption


E. Pimenidis

P. Tzionas

A. Hachikyan

K. Sindir


13. HTML-Presentation of Fishery Time Series Database and Trend Modeling for the Purpose of E-Learning

Georgios K. Tegos, Diana V. Stoyanova, Kolyo Z. Onkov


59. AgriBus e-learning model in Greek environment

E. Malama, D. Folinas, M. Vlachopoulou, V. Manthou


66. The instruction of Greek fresh water fishes through a multimedia learning system.

Andreopoulou Z., Kokkinakis A., Kirkenidis J., Papastavrou A.         


64. Development Of A Model Web Environment Application To Support Environmental Education Projects On The "Forest" Issue"

Skoufa E., Andreopoulou Z., Karameris A. Papastavrou A

115. Problems in Assessing Business Investment Plans and the Need for Applying the Multicriteria Decision Making Analysis Method. An Empirical Implementation in the Region of Kavala.

Nicolaides M., Chatzoglou, P., Koutroumanides T., Tzarta Z.


17. The use of a neural network technique for the prediction of water quality parameters

Maria J. Diamantopoulou, Dimitris M.Papamichail, Vassilis Z. Antonopoulos


48. An Integrated System For Water Resources Monitoring, Economic Evaluation and Management

S. Arabatzis, B. Manos


96. Simulation of soil water, nitrogen, uptake and leaching during irrigation with treated wastewater in corn fields, using WANISIM Model



31. Promoting the Implementation of an Information Network based on GIS for the Sustainable Development of Agriculture and of the Environment in Greece.

Mavridis A., I. Ifadis, P. Savaidis


62. Application of Geo-Statistical methods for spatial analysis of soil data

N. Karapetsas, K. Douros,  I. Gitas,  G. Silleos, H. Topaloglou, E. Moutziki


61. Erosion risk assessment and its impact in the agricultural environment using high resolution satellites and GIS  

I. Gitas, M. Nikolaou, G. Silleos, N. Karapetsas


1. Implementing Irrigation Scheduling Using Geographical Information Systems

P. Vyrlas, D. Kalfountzos, K. Dragoidou, M. Sakellariou-Makrantonaki

142. A Summary of the EFITA ICT Adoption Questionnaires

Ehud Gelb, P. Wagner, K.  Rosskopf,  C. Parker

88. ICT and Rural Development: A sceptical look at the emerging ‘consensus’

A. Koutsouris


93. Training Young European Engineers on the Application of Renewable Energy Sources in Agriculture

Kittas C., Bartzanas T., Tsalapatas S., E. Tzanakaki


65. Supporting the development and management of the trout fish farming using e learning

Kokkinakis A,  Andreopoulou Z. , Bouchounas T. Papageorgiou N.

10:40 - 11:00

Morning Break

11:00 - 12:40

Parallel Sessions 4.

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session

Decision Support Systems





 G. Weigert

I. Vrana

S. Tzortzios

E. Magina


99. A Decision Support

System Unifying Partial

Environmental Risk

Indices by Using Fuzzy Intersection Operators: The Case of Forest Fires

L. Iliadis


98. Estimation of the water balance of cultivated soils by mathematical models

Ch. Babajimopoulos , A. Panoras


134. A Decision Support System for Forest Fire Managemen

S.T. Kaloudis, N.A, Lorntzos, A.B. Sideridis, C.P. Yialouris


129 Decision Support System for a River Network Pollution Estimation Based on a Structural-Linguistic Data Model

A.Hachikyan, R. Scherer, M. Angelova, M. Lazarova

73. Typology of the lakes of Northern Greece according their environmental characteristics and fisheries production

A. Kokkinakis
and G. Arabatzis


107. Combining reactive & Deterministic Behaviors for Mobile Agricultural Robots

S. Vougioukas, S. Fountas, S. Blackmore, Lie Tang


141. The Influence of Cotton Variety in the 

Calibration Factor of a Cotton Yield Monitor

A. T. Markinos, T. A. Gemtos, D. Pateras, L. Toulios, G. Zerva, M. Papaeconomou


70. Cultivation heterogeneity study in a Mediterranean agricultural area, using high spatial resolution multi-spectral imagery

C. Karydas, N. Silleos, N. Karydas

122. Effects of different arrangements of drip irrigation laterals on cotton crop in Thessaly plain 

M. Sakellariou – Makrantonaki, E. Gatselis, S. Tzortzios, P. Vyrlas, D. Kalfountzos


139. Problems of Biological Agriculture Development  in Albania

K. Pata, F. Gjoka, M. Tandini


43. An Association Model for Agriculture Income in EU

Haritou, A. Voyiatzis


50. Evaluation of radiation use efficiency & canopy orientation in corn(Zea mays L.) and pigweed (Amaranthus retrofelexus L.) in competition condition

A. Rahimi, M. Rahimian , M. Alikhani and Farinaz Borgheii

15. Value Added Communities and their impact on rural areas in Greece

E. Pimenidis, J. Bolissian


130 Business networks and clusters in the agricultural sector

A. Matopoulos, M. Vlachopoulou, V. Manthou


133. A Greek Organic Agriculture Portal

C. Costopoulou, S. Karetsos, M. Ntaliani, I. Gidarakou, A. Sideridis


83. Designing CSCW System for Integrated, Web-Based, Cotton Cultivation Services

C. Pontikakos, G. Zakynthinos, T. Tsiligiridis

12:40 – 14:20

Lunch Break

14:20 - 15:40

Parallel Sessions 5.

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session






A. Gertsis

C. Batzios

 C. Babajimopoulos

 K. Yalouris


78. Economic consideration in cattle breeding

Pärna, E., Saveli, O.


87. Sustainable Development of Rural Private Households in Latvia



2. Use of Emitters as Air-Relief Valves for Overcoming Suck-Back Clogging In Subsurface Drip Emitters

P. Vyrlas, M. Sakellariou-Makrantonaki, D. Kalfountzos

57. Agricultural Resource Planning through IT Platform – An Approach

H. Singh, K. Bhattacharya


131. Agriculture And Environment: A Reciprocal Sustainability

Attilio A. Poli and Maria Chiara Metallo


132. Information Technology in Farming Businesses in Izmir and its Environs

Fetah, V., Sindir, K.O.

16. Comparison between Neural Networks and Regression Analysis in bark volume prediction

Maria J. Diamantopoulou


54. An Internet-Based Farm Management Decision Support System

Kurlavicius, G. Kurlavicius A.


84. On Evaluative Measurement of Landscape Change

M. Sambrakos, T. Glezakos and T. Tsiligiridis

136. Digital Libraries:Their potential in farming

M. Maliappis and A. Sideridis


140. A Horticultural Ontology

E. Antonopoulou, Y. Koumpouros, M. Malliappis, H. Passam, A. B. Sideridis, I. Vlachos, C. Yialouris


116. “ISODART”:  An Information System for the Organisation and Dissemination of Agricultural Research Results

Paraskevi Georgiou, Christos Douligeris, Elias Zintzaras, Sideris Theocharopoulos, Paschalis Thriskos

15:40 - 16:20

Afternoon break

16:20 - 17:40

Parallel Sessions 6.

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session

Scientific session






K. Bhattacharya

 K. Pata

 T. Tsiligiridis

R. Scherer


92. Spatial interpolation of reference evapotranspiration and precipitation in Greece

M. Mardikis, D. Kalivas, V. Kollias


69. Local Knowledge as a Competitive Advantage & an Innovation Tool for Regional Production Systems: The case of Food and Beverages Sector in the North Aegean Region, Greece

Katsikis I., Kizos A., Spilanis I.


105.Internationalizational processes in the food industry: experience of Ukraine

Orekhova T., Pashko E

110. Evaluation of competition ability between corn (Zea Mays L.) and lambs quarter  density (Chenopodium Album) influenced by planting patter by using competition models

E. Fateh, F. Sharif_Zadeh, D. Mazaheri, M. Baghesta


137. Formation of Information basis of pricing poultry-products

Alexandrov I.


24. Agriculture and the   farmer’s occupation for the 21st century

A. Papageorgiou

143. Evaluation of Decision Rules for SITE-SPECIFIC N-Fertilization In Strip Trials

G. Weigert, M. Gandorfer, A. Meyer-Aurich, A. Heißenhuber and P. Wagner 


9. Applications of precision agriculture in Ellas (Greece): wheat yield mapping

Gertsis, A, G. Vellidis &  G. Rains 


46. Rural Space Information System

M. Coelho, A. Alves


81. Trend yield maps in Greece and the UK

T. Gemtos, S. Blackmore, S. Fountas, A. Markinos

14.  Classification of agricultural fields by using Landsat TM and QuickBird sensors. The case study of olive trees in Lesvos island.

C. Vasilakos, J. Hatzopoulos, K. Kalabokidis, K.   Koutsovilis, A. Thomaidou,


21.  A Study of Land Use Changes in a Forest Area of  Northeastern Greece using

Spatio-Temporal Models in a GIS environment

Dimitrios P. Triantakonstantis, Vassiliki J. Kollias and Dionisios. P. Kalivas


33. AGROffice an integrated solution for (geo)tracing, field cost calculation, subsidy forms, thematic mapping, logistics and the base platform for precision farming.

Stefan Mössler


25.  GIS methodology for the assessment of the tillage erosion risk on cultivated hillsides in a area of central Greece.

George Papathanasiou, Stelios Gerontidis, Vassiliki. Kollias and Dionissios Kalivas

21:00 - 24:00


Saturday 20

9:00 - 20:00

Daily Excursion

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18-20 March  2004
Thessaloniki Greece

Organised by HAICTA’s Branch in Northern Greece and Thessaly in collaboration with the
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia